Directed by

Joachim Neef

written by

Stefanos Dimitriadis & Joachim Neef


IN Project development

release date



120 min.

A paramedic falls in love with the patient of a closed institution, upsetting his orderly life.

CLARA is a darkly humorous romantic drama about an emotionless paramedic (Nikolas) who falls in love with the patient (Clara) of a psychiatric ward, upsetting his orderly life.

An unconventional connection develops between Clara and Nikolas, which begins to penetrate his emotionless facade. Until Nikolas is pushed to his moral limits and has to ask himself whether he is really willing to do anything for love.

CLARA explores the depths of the human psyche and the abysses of love in a darkly humorous way. Through sensitive staging and haunting performances, the audience is drawn into a world where moral dilemmas and the limits of human capacity are put to the test.

With a unique blend of dark comedy and romantic drama, CLARA aims to challenge our own limits and reflect on how far we would go to experience the feeling of true love.