Directed by

Joachim Neef

written by

Stefanos Dimitriadis & Joachim Neef



release date



120 min.

A traumatized emergency paramedic (Nikolas) tries to save a young woman (Clara) from suicide over the course of one chaotic night.

clara tells the story of Nikolas, a traumatized and emotionally lost ambulance driver who, during a nighttime mission, meets suicidal patient Clara - a smart but restless soul. Hoping to right the wrongs of his past, he befriends Clara under false circumstances to keep her from her deadly mission. But Nikolas needs to be emotionally rescued himself, and so the lives of the two strangers collide.

What begins as a dark self-destructive rhapsody between the two characters becomes an honest, unsentimental and fascinating look into each other's lives. CLARA tells a film about two strangers who need each other to save themselves. A dark, poetic film about guilt, love and the hope we all need to live in a world that seems lost and doomed.

Think 'Bringing out the dead' meets 'Leaving Las Vegas'.